Free School Apps Using Browsers

Use Personal Phones, Tablets Or Computers!

  1. Free Education Software Created By A Retired Teacher.
  2. No School Computer Hassles Or Special Installations Needed.
  3. Create Test Review Games For Any Subject
  4. Hundreds Of Built In Chemistry, Physics, And Biology Questions For Test Review Games
  5. Free Account To Manage Your Test Review Games
  6. Learn Chemistry Formula And Equation Writing.
  7. Use A "Computer" Projector To Teach Electrochemical Cells, Electrolysis, And Electroplating By Dragging Objects And Labels Around The Screen.

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Quiz Game Image Quiz Game Image Best Shot's Main Game BoardScience Test Review Game

Best Shot's Questions ScreenScience Test Review Game

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Making Best Shot Games

Science Test Review Game

Making Best Shot Games Info

Pick 15 - 30 Science
Questions From Hundreds
Of Available Science Questions


  1. Teachers Of Any Subject, Any Grade Level, Can Create Questions Directly In The App Helper(See Left Image) Or Import Questions Into The App Helper.

    A Movie Showing How Easy This Is Will Be Posted Soon.

  2. One Can Pick Questions For a Unit Test Review Or Select Questions From Many Units for A Mid Term Or Final Exam Review.


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Formula Factory
Chemical Formula Game
Equations Factory
Chemical Equations Game

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Battery Factory - My Animations
Battery Chemistry
Using Battery Factory
Teach Voltaic

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Electroplating/Electrolysis Animations
Gold Plating Redox
Electrochemical AnimationsBattery Chemistry


Picture of battery factory